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Which is better? A Closure Wig or a frontal Wig? The truth is, both are great. Both will give you a full and flawless install with the illusion that hair is growing directly from your scalp. Closures and Frontals allow you to braid and protect your natural hair. This means that none of your natural hair will be left out. You also don't have to worry about blending your natural hair texture with your hair extensions. The biggest differences between 4x4 Closure Wig and lace frontals is size, versatility, and cost.

Lace Closure:
A lace closure is the go to for women who love simple hairstyles (ex. middle part). Closures do not recreate a hairline. Closures typically measure 4x4 inches. Although Lace Closure Wigs are less versatile than lace frontals , you still have options. There are three different options for a closure: middle part, free part, and three part.  Closures are typically sewn onto braids or can be used to construct a wig. Lace closures also require more bundles for a full install.

Lace Frontal:
A lace frontal is practically half a wig. Lace frontals 13 inches across and 4 inches from front to back. The width of the Frontal hits from ear to ear and is typically worn to recreate an entire hairline. This is the best option for women with thinning edges. Lace frontals are typically sewn onto braids or can be used to create a wig. Lace Frontals also give the option to part your hair anywhere you please,  making it the most versatile option. With a lace frontal you can effortlessly brush your hair back into a ponytail. A lace frontal is also the perfect option for those chic half up half down hairstyles.  Lace frontals also typically require less bundles for a full install.

Long story short, if you want a flawless and seamless hairline and purchase less bundles: opt for a frontal. If you want a simple hairstyle such as a middle part, choose a closure.

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